Mode of delivery:

Private, face-to-face only

Training level:

Non-mental health practioners, Organisations


2 days


On request

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Course summary

Targeted preparation and support training for individuals who are exposed to objectionable material as part of their role.

Why do this course?

The viewing of objectionable material is a known workplace health and safety hazard with the potential to cause psychological harm. Individuals who are exposed to objectionable material as part of their job require targeted preparation and support. Strengthening the psychological resilience of personnel is an important risk mitigation strategy.

This course draws on relevant literature and our extensive expertise in working with organisations, including knowledge of evidence-informed approaches to pre-incident preparedness, coping strategies to use during and following exposure to potentially traumatic material, and the role of organisational support.

Who should do this course?

Designed for organisations whose employees are regularly exposed to objectionable material as part of their role. Materials may include any media or communication that describes or depicts matters such as sexual or physical violence, exploitation, horror, crime, or cruelty in a manner that may result in distress to the viewer, reader or listener.

Course content

  • Resilience and possible impacts of viewing objectionable material
  • Identifying triggers and risk factors
  • Identifying problematic distress in yourself and others
  • Adaptive work practices
  • Stress management and coping skills
  • Improving your overall wellbeing
  • Managing the potential impacts on family
  • Getting help

Course developers

“We’re Australia’s National Centre of Excellence in Posttraumatic Mental Health, the internationally recognised experts in trauma-related mental health and wellbeing.“
Phoenix Australia