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Competent Cultural Care for Police, Ambulance and Healthcare

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Please note: Funding for this course ends on 24 June, 2024. Any enrolments after December 24 will not have the normal six months of access, as the course will close on 24 June. 

Course summary

This course is designed to help mental health practitioners develop their understanding and appreciation of the workplace culture of police, ambulance service and healthcare worker settings in Victoria.

The course will increase awareness of workplace factors that are particular to each of these cohorts, as well as highlighting effects on help-seeking behaviour and identifying barriers to obtaining assistance. For each cohort there is a case study that demonstrates the principles of Trauma-Informed Care.

Course aims

The aims of this course are to:

  • provide key contextual workplace cultural information about working with clients in police, healthcare and ambulance service settings
  • provide an understanding of the usual structure and hierarchy of roles for police, healthcare and ambulance service settings
  • articulate the six key principles of Trauma-informed Care (TIC), which are demonstrated in case studies for each workplace
  • describe the barriers to help-seeking
  • provide a case formulation approach to assist with treatment planning
  • offer ways to involve family members of clients
  • reinforce effective self-care strategies.
Course learning outcomes

After taking this course practitioners will: 

  • have a better understanding of the workplace cultural environment of police, healthcare workers and ambulance service workers
  • be more familiar with how to use trauma-informed care principles in their work
  • have clearer and relevant treatment plans and case formulations
  • be familiar with relevant resources for each cohort
  • be better prepared for using self-care strategies.
Competent Cultural Care for Police, Ambulance and Healthcare
Self-paced online
3 hours per cohort

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