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Trauma-Informed Care during COVID-19

About this course

If you work or volunteer in an environment in which your colleagues, community members, or service users have been impacted by traumatic events, you may notice changes in behavior and performance that are harmful to the individual, their colleagues, or fellow community members; and consequently, to organisational or community wellbeing. The impacts of trauma can vary greatly between individuals. Some people may appear outwardly affected, while in others, the signs may not be immediately obvious - but over time, can become evident.

A Trauma-Informed Care organisation promotes wellbeing by ensuring that its policies, procedures and environments are mindful of people’s trauma histories and support the physical, psychological and emotional safety of its team members. Phoenix Australia’s Trauma-Informed Care course has been developed by mental health clinical experts and informed by research, practice knowledge, and input from trauma survivors and teaches the Principles of Trauma Informed Care and how these can be applied to support organisational and community wellbeing in the context of the pandemic and other disasters.

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Course content

In this course, you will learn the Principles of Trauma-Informed Care and how you can apply them in your interactions with colleagues, clients and others - along with the skills necessary to develop and implement the policies and procedures that will help to create a safe environment and support wellbeing in your organisation or community.

Who should do this course?

If you have responsibility for staff or team members, volunteers, service users, customers, or clients, our flexible, self-paced online Trauma Informed Care course will teach you the skills to you build organisational or community wellbeing. This course is designed to be accessible for people with no, or minimal, mental health skills training and does not require a previous qualification.

The most valuable thing I learned was knowing what to say when someone is in a crisis. I liked the self-care that accompanies the training and it’s transferable to multiple aspects of your life. I have recommended the training to colleagues and supervisors, and it’s been very valuable for me in my personal life. I even use it with my kids, helping them express their feelings and articulate themselves.
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The Victorian Government has engaged Phoenix Australia to provide specialised training programs to help support the mental health needs of Victorians during COVID-19. Designed for people with no, or minimal, mental health skills training, these self-paced online programs are available to eligible people, organisations, and communities in Victoria.

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Trauma-Informed Care during COVID-19
Self-paced online
approx 5 hours

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