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Supporting individuals after disaster - North Coast

Course summary

A course based on Trauma-informed Care principles offering a practical and flexible approach to helping people in the aftermath of disaster.

The development and delivery of this course is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Mental Health Supports for Bushfire Affected Australians package.

You may be eligible to participate in this course at no cost as part of this funding. If you have already received a coupon code, enter it on the “enrol now” page as you register.

Why do this course?

Trauma-informed Care (TIC) is an evidenced-informed approach that can be used within GP practices and other settings where you interact with individuals and communities that have experienced a potentially traumatic event at some point in their lifetime.

TIC is about creating an environment and interacting with the trauma-impacted person in such a way that allows for their recovery from trauma, as well as looks after your own wellbeing.

Importantly, TIC is not about changing your current role at your practice or organisation, but rather about adapting your work to incorporate trauma-informed principles.

In this course, you will learn about and practise key aspects of TIC, including understanding the impacts of trauma, as well as how to safely talk about and manage trauma disclosure, and simple strategies to teach trauma-impacted individuals to help them deal with their distress.

Who should do this course?
This brief introductory course on Trauma-informed Care is designed for a range of professionals who work in General Practice or Community Health settings: General Practitioners, nurses, mental health providers, other allied health providers, medical receptionists, practice managers.
Course content
  • Understand the principles of trauma-informed care and how they relate to your practice
  • Understand and identify the impact of traumatic experiences, including bushfires, on people’s wellbeing
  • Develop skills for talking to people who have experienced a potentially traumatic event
  • Develop skills for supporting and stabilising strong emotions.
Good basic information presented clearly and simply. I think it is a great overview and guide for GPs.
Course Reviewer
Course developers
We’re Australia’s National Centre of Excellence in Posttraumatic Mental Health, the internationally recognised experts in trauma-related mental health and wellbeing.
Phoenix Australia
Supporting individuals after disaster - North Coast
Self-paced online
90 mins + optional modules
AUD $308 (incl. GST)

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