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Phoenix Australia Training

Supporting the Mental Health of Victorians through COVID-19
and other disasters

Enrolment closed

Unfortunately, this training has now closed. 

Thank you for your interest in this training. 


As part of the Victorian Government’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Coronavirus Response Package, Phoenix Australia, Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health is proud to provide customised versions of their online training in Psychological First Aid (PFA), Trauma-informed Care (TIC), and Spotlight on PTSD to those across Victoria most impacted by the pandemic and other disasters.

These courses form part of a larger project that recognises the enduring and widespread impacts felt across many industries and communities and includes services and training for mental health practitioners and non-practitioners. Phoenix Australia is a not-for-profit affiliated with the University of Melbourne and the recognised authority on posttraumatic mental health.



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Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia

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