Psychological First Aid

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About this course

Just as we can apply First Aid to provide immediate relief and support a person’s recovery from physical trauma, we can also apply Psychological First Aid to support recovery from psychological trauma.

Knowing what to do can make a world of difference following an incident, accident, assault, or other emergency – not just in the immediate aftermath – but also many months or years later, when even seemingly small adverse events can have a compounding effect, and traumas of the past can resurface and reduce someone’s ability to cope.

Phoenix Australia's Psychological First Aid course has been developed by mental health clinical experts to help you understand the recommended techniques of Psychological First Aid and give you the confidence to support people who have experienced a traumatic event.

Our course takes a practical approach to teaching the skills you need to help a person in distress, including how to: create a sense of safety, provide emotional comfort, deliver practical advice and assistance to create calm, connect with others, and help someone cope in those immediate moments and beyond.

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Course content

In this course you will learn the recommended techniques and skills of Psychological First Aid, including:

  • how people respond to trauma
  • providing Psychological First Aid safely and effectively
  • listening and communication
  • skills to help calm and support others
  • and looking after yourself.
Who should do this course?

If your job involves working with people who have experienced trauma, or if you simply want to be well equipped and confident to support others in need, our flexible, self-paced online course will give you the skills you need to provide immediate relief and help support recovery from psychological trauma. This course is designed to be suitable for people with no, or minimal, mental health skills training and does not require a previous qualification.

I did Psychological First Aid to help look after my own members, who are regularly exposed to potentially traumatic material. I found it particularly helpful and good for dealing with ‘right here, right now’. I absolutely recommend Psychological First Aid. It’s best practice and the most evidence-based training for mental health support, especially after traumatic events.
Occupational Psychiatrist & volunteer firefighter
What is PFA?
Psychological First Aid
Self-paced online
approx 4 hours
AUD $220 (incl. GST)

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