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Trauma-informed Care

Course summary

Trauma-informed Care (TIC) is a framework for service delivery that aims to ensure that people with a history of trauma have safe and positive experiences of service delivery. This course explores the nature of trauma and its psychological impacts, the key principles on which TIC is based, as well as a range of strategies that can be employed by individual workers, supervisors and organisations to ensure that care is provided in ways that create opportunities for healing and growth.

Why do this course?

Trauma-informed Care helps trauma-impacted individuals to build a sense of safety, control and empowerment, using strengths-based interventions that can be delivered by a range of providers. In this course, you will learn about and practise key aspects of Trauma-informed Care, including how to safely talk about trauma, simple strategies to teach trauma-impacted individuals to help them deal with their distress, how to foster independence and recovery, and encourage connection with others. You will also learn how to apply these skills in your own work setting.

Who should do this course?

If you work in a community-based setting with people who have experienced trauma, this short course will provide a framework for understanding, responding, and aiding recovery. It is designed for people with no or minimal mental health skills training; this could include those in non-clinical or non-therapeutic roles such as emergency services, legal professionals, pharmacists, council workers, as well as those who provide clinical or therapeutic care such as aged care workers, GPs, healthcare staff, financial counsellors.

What is Trauma-informed Care?

At the heart of Trauma-informed Care is being trauma-aware and culturally responsive. The other principles follow from that core: 

  • Give choice and control 
  • Believe in recovery
  • Facilitate connections 
  • Focus on strengths
  • Build safety and trust. 
This course was enjoyable and the content was clear. It provided a very helpful skill set for everyday life and allowed me to reflect on how my work impacts on my own sense of wellbeing.
Department of Veteran Affairs

Mode of delivery:

Online, Self-paced online


5 hours


AUD $275 (incl. GST)

Training level:

Trauma-informed Care
Online, Self-paced online
5 hours
AUD $275 (incl. GST)

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